About Sean van Tonder

I was born in Johannesburg and moved to Kwazulu Natal at a young age. I now live with my wife and son and enjoy travelling through South Africa.

Fascinated with photography when in high school. I was surfing one day when I noticed one of my friends had just returned from Europe. He was standing on the beach with his camera on a tripod and the longest lens I had ever seen.

After school, I was not sure which career path to follow and living in the apartheid era was subject to military service. I had a choice, the army in Phalaborwa or join the South African Police and serve my local community. I joined the police. After basic training, I returned to the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal and served the local communities, mainly in rural areas where political violence was at its peak. I ended up investigating political murders.


However, working in this environment had its challenges and after 7 years, I decided that I needed to change careers. I joined a corporate IT Company and here my introduction to the world of IT started. I bought an online advertising business and started a web design company at the same time.  Frustrated at the quality of photographs being received for the design of websites, I bought my first DSLR. Well that was when I really fell in love with the art of photography.

I learnt a lot about business and dealing with customers working in the corporate world but I knew that photography was where my passion lay.


My photography developed and I realised that I had a passion with working with people. I love meeting new people and loved that I could record that moment in time where they wear in a “happy” place. I then specialised in portrait photography.

After 20 years in the corporate environment and 12 years of photography, I decided to focus on my photography passion.

My love for beauty and people enables me to create images in a contemporary and timeless manner. I strive every day to improve and love that people intrust me to capture special moments for them.

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I would love to hear from you.