Family Photography South Coast Kwazulu Natal

I love creating memories for families. The Kwa-zulu Natal South Coast has great photographic opportunities, including our beaches of course.

I have had the privilege of creating memories for over 350 families in the past two years (what an honor).  Some families are small consisting of only 2 people and a pet, others are much larger consisting of 33 people. Either way, I am blessed to meet and photograph them.

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Creating memories for the family is so important. I would like to share this story –

December was a really crazy month for me – I had the privilege of photographing 7 weddings, 15 families, a maternity session, a baby shower and a kids birthday party.

On the 21 December, I received an email from a family that I had photographed 2 years ago requesting do do another family photo shoot. It was great seeing the family again and I could recall our first photo-shoot we did vividly. But something was out of place. There was a member of the family missing. So I asked the question, “I don’t mean to pry, but where is mom?” At which point one of the daughters burst into tears. Of course I was kind of embarrassed, but how I was I to know that mom had past on.

The family said that they were so thankful that we had done the shoot two years ago as a few months later, mom got sick and left this world.

Thank you to all the people and families that I get a chance to meet, photograph and create memories for. It is my honor to create priceless memories for you.


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I would love to create memorioes for you and the family. Lets get in touch.

Let me know what type of photo session you want, as well as the date and venue (if you have one in mind).

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