Thank you for your interest in my family photography.

Choosing a family photographer is something you should only do once. I believe when you find the right person, they should be able to document your family over the years. Getting to know your photographer and what to expect from a session makes it more meaningful each time. As an added bonus your artwork and photos remain consistent. Allowing you to add to a photo wall or decorate your home with photos that work well together over the years.

Your family is unique, different to anyone else and to each other and they change from year to year. I love photographing children – they grow up so quickly, they change seemingly overnight and become adults. But I also love capturing the older generations.

Family photos are close to my heart! On my mother’s side of the family, I have such many fond memories of my grandparents growing up, but all I have is one small photo of me, my sister, my mom, my grandfather, grandmother and their dog. The photo was taken with an old film point and shoot, on their veranda when I returned from police college, 20 years ago. They have both past on now and how I wish that we had had family photos of the entire family growing up.

How often do we look back and wonder where the time went? This is the beauty of photography: it allows you to capture the moments and the people that makes up the fabric of your life and to preserve them for years to come. I love being part of your lives for a few moments and to be able to remind you how beautiful your life is.

My aim is to create an amazing experience that the entire family will enjoy and relive when looking back on the photographs created. I create classic portraits as well as, capture natural memories that the family will cherish for a lifetime.


Our coast is so beautiful and diverse, so it really depends what you are looking for as a backdrop for your family session. Most often the families that I photograph love the beach setting, especially when the sunrises over the ocean.
I will send you a list of a few ideas. But to give you an idea, soft colours work better than bright colours. Your choice of clothing should compliment one another, not necessarily match.
In general, people may find it awkward having their photos taken professionally. I know men particularly do not like it. I am here to help, all you need to do is get them to the session. I will do the rest. Most times they leave saying “Well that wasn’t too bad”, and are normally the first ones to ask where the photos are.
I love big families. It is so special when everyone is together and what an honor it is for me to capture that priceless family portrait. I have worked with large families, the largest being 32 people.
Not a problem. I can refer you to some amazing professionals that I work with often.
You can complete the contact form below and let me know the dates and location you have in mind or you can give me a call. School holidays are a very busy period for me so rather make a booking sooner than later.