How to choose your wedding photographer?

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day.

After your friends have left and the food and wine are gone, the only thing you will have left are photos, photos that are a record of your dream wedding day, from beautiful décor and flowers, to the gorgeous dress and finer details, to the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time, to gran and gramps dancing to their favourite song.


Careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personality are extremely important when choosing your photographer.

So how do you go about making the right choice. Here are a few tips that will guide you in the right direction:


Look at at the photographer’s website and blog.

Is their style photo journalistic, meaning the photos are more candid or spontaneous or is their style more classical, meaning that they are more posed?

sean van tonder wedding photography kwazulu natal

sean van tonder wedding photography kwazulu natal


I often hear people saying “We don’t like posing for photos”. 90% of all photos are posed in some way or another. We can’t rely on the fact that a moment will just take place. It involves placing the bride in a groom in a particular place ensuring the best light and backdrop. Then we can capture that moment, it does involve some direction from the photographer.

The question is – Do you like their photographs? Can you see yourself in them?


Do Some Research

Visit their Facebook Page, visit their Instagram account. Are comments/reviews from clients and the public positive. From visiting social media, you can get a feeling of their personality and the service they are providing.

Search them on Google, what are people saying about their work or service.

“We booked a shoot after a recommendation and a quick glance at his website without even meeting him. Luckily he was very friendly and easy to work with on the day and we felt comfortable in front of his camera lens. All communication was professional with prompt replies to any questions I had. The end result was amazing! I’d highly recommend Sean van Tonder to all my friends and family! – Roxanne Hassbroek”


Set up an Interview

This is so important. You will be spending a long time with your photographer on your wedding day. Meet at their studio or at a convenient place. Chat to them, get to know them. Be prepared to talk about the venue, décor, flowers and what you are expecting from them.

This is also an opportunity to see their print portfolio and for you to see an entire wedding printed in an album. Is the lighting good, is the composition good, is the album layout telling a story? Do they capture important moments throughout the day?

sean van tonder durban hindi wedding photography

Ask the photographer about the equipment they use. Will they be using flash or do they only use natural light? What if their equipment fails – do they have backup equipment? Is it available on location?

Ask them about the process after the wedding. Where do they keep the digital files? How long will it take before you get your photos and album?

Most importantly, can you get along with the photographer?

sean van tonder wedding photography ingeli lodge


With the digital age, there has been a great influx of “photographers” (note the inverted commas).  As most things, you get what you pay for. Beware of packages that seem too good to be true, they normally end in disappointment. You are investing in a photographer that will capture your dream wedding. The photographs are all you will have .

Enjoy the decision making – it is an important one!

sean van tonder muslim wedding photography

sean van tonder wedding photography margate

The above wedding pictures have been taken at the following venues:

Lake Eland Game Reserve
The Packshed
Izotsha Creek
Du Boirs
Ingeli Forest Resort
The Estuary

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  • Oct 16, 2017

    Very interesting article and I agree with pretty much all of it. Useful tips for both wedding couple & wedding photographer.

    Thanks for helping us!

    Michael Oct 16, 2017

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