I Do Weddings – Interview with Shirley

Shirley Ross owns a company called I do Weddings. Shirley is a dynamic lady that provides an event planning and décor service. I interviewed Shirley to get to know her and her business a little better.


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Shirley, you obviously offer a service to would be wedding couples, what can you offer clients?

We can assist with the whole package! Every wedding is unique and different with specific ideas that the bride has. We sit with the Bridal couple to hear their vision for the big day and then strive to make that a reality.

We  oversee the required décor including draping, table settings, flowers etc. We can recommend a variety of professional and reliable service providers such as, photographers, DJ’s, Wedding cake suppliers, make-up artists, hair stylists etc.  Brides often don’t have the time to search for reliable service providers,  so we often recommend a list of professionals to assist.

We strive to make dreams a reality and are prepared to do whatever it takes and think out of the box, if necessary. We are not just a Décor company and  offer a full wedding co-ordination and planning service, which includes liaising between all the service providers, arranging municipal permits for beach ceremonies and we have even been known to dabble in family counselling, before the big occasion. We then facilitate the smooth running of the entire wedding day, taking the stress off the bridal party in the event of any unforeseen “hiccups”, again co-ordinating the various role players and making sure that the MC remembers his cues etc.

That sounds amazing Shirley, do you only focus on weddings?

Weddings are our passion but we have also co-ordinated Kiddies parties, sweet sixteen parties, twenty firsts and a number of  Corporate events, with great success. Your wish is our command!

Where do you see I Do Weddings in 5 years from now?

Hopefully sipping cocktails on some romantic island, after having overseen our first island wedding, of course!

Interesting question and difficult at the same time!

Things change all the time and life changes too, we have access to many  people in the industry who make amazing wedding related items and we are considering offering more of a “DIY” option to brides in the near future.

These days many brides either want to get more involved in their wedding planning. We will be introducing various options to wedding couples soon, watch this space!

Sounds exciting Shirley, will definitely keep a lookout for your new service. What do you love about wedding planning?

My favourite part is the incredible friendships I have made over the years and continue to make! I have made wonderful friendships with most of my bridal couples and we still chat after their wedding and meet up for coffee etc.  I love reminiscing with them about their special day, celebrating their pregnancies, birthdays and our friendship.

So true, I have also made great friends along the way. What’s you favourite décor item?

Probably one of my favourite items is a chair – what a difference a beautiful chair can make!
The days of chair covers and organza tiebacks are long gone!!!!

Everyone needs a comfortable chair, especially at a wedding (LOL)!
How long do you spend on a wedding? (from consultation – to the wedding day)

We often spend hours in consultation in order to make abstract ideas a reality. The actual setting up and Co-ordinating of the wedding day, usually takes 2 whole days. However, our role often goes far beyond the wedding day – how long does it take to be a friend?

I guess it does take time to make dreams come true, what motivates you?

My husband and his whip… not really, he is one of my greatest supporters!

I love the joy of a job well done!

Whose your role model?

Okay, I know this is going to sound corny…. but Oprah! She has inspired me many times in doing good to others. I love how she can absolutely create an experience where everyone is just bowled over by the way she has gone the extra mile with the “surprise” element. I know she has the money and the sponsors to do all of these things, but what I took away is “how” it made one feel to see such generosity. So, I always try to remember that when doing an event and always try to create that “surprise” element leaving my clients happy that they chose me.

Oprah is a world icon and has done so much for people, a great role model! A client contacts you and indicates they want a destination wedding – what destination would you recommend and why?

Well, when a bride contacts me…. it is usually because they have chosen our beautiful South Coast. We have some lovely venues that cater for all types of weddings – anything from a beach setting to the “bushveld” experience.

The South Coast is awesome, I love our winters, not too cold with warn perfect days!  What’s your favourite colour?

Its more of a “look” for me! I love neutral, soft, romantic blends of colours that work well together.

Worst song?

SOOO many…… What did the Fox say, Umbrella, Work work – Britney Spears etc.

“Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!  What the fox say?” Must agree with you on that. Best song?

At the moment it is Summer by Kelvin Harris.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love a great movie or series/visiting with friends that feel like family.

I say the word, what comes to mind:

Yellow –  lemon- Chelsea (my husbands staffi that he grew up with. Chelsea would pick lemons off the tree and eat them and end up with white lips) 

White – Clarity

Beauty – My daughter!

Thank Shirley. It was great getting to know you and your company a little better. Looking forward to seeing you soon and will keep watching to see your new developments.

Here is some of Shirley’s amazing work.

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