KZN Wedding DJ – Interview with Jarryd

I have decided to start interviewing a few service providers so that we can get to know them a little better. So here is the first post and have decided to interview Jarryd from KZN Wedding DJ.

I met Jarryd a view months ago at the Wedding Festival Bridal Fair  on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast and was intrigued by his positive out look and professionalism. Jarryd is the owner of  a company called KZN Wedding DJ. He is a versatile Durban based DJ who caters for almost any event including, birthdays, corporate events, karaoke, team building. Jarryd specialises in providing the best possible Wedding DJ experience and travels all over Kwazulu Natal and nationally if required.



So lets get to it:

When did you start hanging out with a MIC in your hand?

From a young age, I showed great interest in public speaking & toast masters etc. After doing my  first gig at the tender age of 10 years old, it was only a few years afterwards, that my MIC became my new best friend.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

I would definitely get into public speaking or something along those lines. Entertainment is a passion!

What inspires you?

My Parents – They have such a positive outlook on life. So many people have such negative energy and it becomes extremely contagious – people love gossiping (FACT). My parents have always encouraged & supported my goals, through my career & life has a whole. – What legends!!!

I guess that is why we love weddings J, always a  happy occasion! Who is your role model?

Again…my parents. I have an incredible close-knit family.

What’s you favourite song at the moment?

I don’t really have a “favourite” song but I do go through stages. The most listened to song of late in my car is – Kenny Rogers – The Gambler. I really like the good ol tunes from the 80’s and definitely give South African Artists a punt.

Kenny the Man – Where do you see KZN Wedding DJ in the future?

KZN Wedding DJ was built on a platform of professional, one-on-one service and this important factor will always remain. We have really big plans in the pipeline, so my advice is to follow us on our social media channels or website.

What sound do you love?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean on a warm summers night. A pina colada in hand and listening to the waves crashing against the rocks……..okay Sean, you can open your eyes now!

Favourite meal?

I am a big fan of a potjie pot…………some short rib tossed and fried in some olive oil, a few onions, greenpeppers, butternut topped off with some bacon.. you say What??

Thanks J, you have my mouth watering – Your worst Colour?


Come on J, I am sure you loved Barney when you were younger. Your worst drink?

Tomato Juice – Ewwww

What makes you angry?

Me angry???  I guess it has to be the unappreciative, spoilt individuals that lack respect that really gets to me these days.

What hobbies do you have?

I love photography – if you’ve visited our website you would notice all the photos in our gallery and blogs are taken by me… go take a look. Our family are the owners of a well established Photography company in Cape Town called Studio 22 . They have taught me a lot and assisted me on my photographic journey.

Photography is really cool. Lastly J, tell me a funny story while at work.

About two months ago – on the night of my Birthday I was asked by a well known hotel in the Midlands to DJ at a Man International Ladies Night.  My  assistant and I got to the venue and setup the sound and lighting  and then proceeded to walk around until guests arrived. All was well, guests began to get seated in the venue and waited for the big arrival of the “SEXY GUYS”.
You know at EVERY event I’ve ever done – there is always that ONE PERSON that will stand out from the crowd. So the ladies night got underway and all was going well but there was a particular girl (she was quite the belter, I might add) that was rather under the weather and kept eying myself and my assistant out. After the ladies night we began packing up and relocating to bar area where the after party was on the go. “The Girl”came straight up to me, tapped me on my shoulder and started kissing me ……..Uhmmmm it was rather awkward but a seriously funny moment. I think you had to be there!

(laughing) – Thanks J. Thank you for your positive vibe and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Here are some pictures of people having a good time at weddings where Jarryd has been the DJ (all pictures taken by Jarryd):

photocrati gallery






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  • Very Original
    May 12, 2014

    Very original stuff, Sean. Never seen photographers interview wedding suppliers before. Love it!

    Very Original May 12, 2014
    • Sean
      May 12, 2014

      Thank you Stacey.

      Sean May 12, 2014

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