In my opinion, choosing your photographer should only come down to two questions:

1. Do we love their photos and style?

2. Do we connect with them as a person – can we relax around them, and have a great time together during our wedding, couple session or family session?

So, if you found you answered ‘YES!!’ to the first question, and you feel like you’re leaning towards another ‘Yes!’ for the second question, I’d suggest getting in touch and we can arrange a consult (which sounds very formal, but is really just a chat over coffee or telephone chat!). That way we’ll both get a feel for how we can answer that second question for sure.

Of course, we also live in the real world, where pricing does come into play.

There are so many variables on how we can structure your photo session. The best is to get in touch with me.



We can discuss the booking process at your consult in detail if need be, but here is a quick rundown, just so you know how easy it is:

Once we’ve had a chat and I’ve obtained all the info I need, I’ll provide you with an accurate electronic quote for your photography.

To complete your booking, simply accept the quote, sign the electronic contract, then pay your 50% retainer via bank transfer.

I always do my best to hold your date for you once I’ve received your enquiry, but please be aware that your booking is not confirmed until the contract is signed and the retainer is paid.

That’s it!