In my youth, I surfed at every opportunity I got, no matter the conditions. I miss those days! I know there is no excuse for not getting back into the water. My son loves the sea and often watches surfing in Hawaii (on TV) and surfers getting huge barrels.
Winter produces great conditions in South Africa for surfing and the Kwazulu Natal coastline has some great breaks.

I went down to the beach to take some seascapes. It was a beautiful winters morning. The weatherman had predicted a south westerly that would bring a cold front to our shores. However, when my son and I arrived at the beach, the wind had not started and we witnessed a spectacular sunrise at a beach where friends and I had spent many a day surfing and having fun. (real special place to me and many others, great memories).


We were still on the beach and I could feel the west starting to blow. It did not come howling through as the weatherman had predicted. There was some easterly swell on the coast and I said to my son that the conditions are perfect for surfing and indicated that we should go and see if the guys are surfing. We went to one of the breaks on the coast that I knew if the banks were right would be firing.

As we arrived at the beach, we saw about 8 guys in the water and just in time for the sets. The first guy took off and went straight into a barrel (tube). I pointed this out to my son (who was blown away), the guy disappeared in the barrel and I thought that he had wiped out, but I few seconds later he popped out of the barrel with huge spray following behind him. (called a blowout). My son and I both said, at the same time, “HE CAME OUT!”.

I had seen this break before, but never like it was on this morning. Soon the guys in the water were joined by a few more and 8/10 waves produced a huge barrel. One has to be fit to ride in these conditions, a mistake can be very dangerous, these guys are talented athletes.

It was great to see these guys surfing.  If you would like some of the images here, please leave your details in the comments below.

To see some video footage of what I photographed, check out

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  • May 23, 2014

    Wowser Sean great stuff! Excellent writing! More more more!

    Sean Lange May 23, 2014
    • Sean
      May 23, 2014

      Thanks Sean!

      Sean May 23, 2014

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