The watermark and Advice

I am sure some of you may have noticed that I have added a watermark to all my recent photos, on my blog and my Facebook page. (if you haven’t noticed you haven’t been visiting my site enough). You all probably asking why and can’t it be more subtle.

I have never been a fan of watermarks but recently discovered that there are photographers using other photographers work to promote themselves (not anything new by the way). I saw one photographer with images of a well known supermodel taken in a tropical location (the photographer is a South African), but there was only one image of this type of work on their site. (very fishy). Whilst browsing around the site, more work was found and some of it seemed legitimate, while with other work,  it was very obvious that this photographer had not taken some of the images. On the photographer’s Facebook page, they openly advertise their services using other photographers work. Unsuspecting people are loving the work they are posting stating that they are very talented, which may be true, but they are not posting images taken by themselves.

These photographers (the ones stealing images) create an expectation for clients. People book these photographers based on what they have seen on there websites/Facebook pages and when the client receives their end product, they are disappointed with the results.

So I have added a watermark to my images to avoid photographers (and others) using my work as they please. If you want to use my work, no problem, just ask!

This is my advice to all people wanting to use a photographer.


Ask friends and family, particularly newlyweds for recommendations. A photographer’s reputation for delivery is a good indication of ability. Do some research!


Research the internet. Search for the photographer’s website. See if he/she is linked or advertises on other websites.


As with most things, you get what you pay for. Beware of packages that seem too attractive. Digital photography has increased the number of dubious photographers offering cheap packages. More often than not, this ends in disaster.


Contact the photographer and set up a meeting or chat on the phone. You need to feel confident in their abilities, as well as feeling relaxed with their personalities.



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