Trash the Dress in Margate

Trash the dress in Margate. I don’t like the term “Trash the Dress” as the dress is not really trashed. I received a call from Coenraad a few days before they came down to the to the South Coast on their annual holiday from Gauteng. “My wife wants to trash her wedding dress” he said.

He had met Anushka a few years ago. The minute he saw her, he knew this was the girl he was going to marry. Anushka fell in love with Coenraad and so their love story began.

We arrived at Coenraad and Anushka in Margate two hours before sunrise for hair and makeup. The early arrival gave us the opportunity top get to know each other a little better.  Once hair and makeup was done we went down to Margate beach.

It was a stunning winters morning. There was a slight chill in the air but it definitely was not cold. As the sun popped up over the horizon the sky turned golden yellow. . The water was a warm 22 degrees. “Today we going to get amazing images” I said to myself. Anushka and Coenraad are not models but they certainly look like they could be.

Thank you Anushka and Coenraad for the amazing time I spent photographing you and for braving the sea. Thank you to Leandri from Cutting Edge for putting in the effort and getting to Anushka long before sunrise.

Makeup & Hair: Leandri Hattingh
Venue: Margate Beach

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