What goes into making that perfect photo

I want to share a little of what goes on in post production (yes photoshop) to make that image a little better. I work with a combination of natural light and flash. At times one works better than the other, it depends on the surroundings and the look I am going for.

In this particular photo, I wanted to capture the beautiful sunset and the couple. This was taken at the Oribi Gorge at The Gorge Hotel & Spa. The only way that I could capture the sunset and have the couple correctly exposed was to introduce artificial light (flash). I wanted to capture the entire scene and opted for a wide angle lens, but the jetty that we were standing on was very narrow. My assistant unfortunately was in the frame. You can see my assistant on the picture on the before photo.

I used the following adjustments in this photo:

Cloned out assistant
Removed sunflare
Adjusted the Hue & Saturaion
Removed harsh highlights on the couples faces

So that’s what it takes in post production to ensure that we get that perfect photo.

[twenty20 img1=”6243″ img2=”6244″ width=”100″ offset=”0.5″]