Thank you for your interest in my couple photography.

A couple photo shoot is a great way to reconnect with your partner. Wedding are amazing and I love them, but with a couple session, we don’t have the time constraint that we have on a wedding. This allows us more time to be creative and it is much more relaxed. We have a lot of fun.

I know you want amazing photos that will capture the relationship in its entirety, from the genuine moments to the magazine quality moments with great lighting. You want to feel comfortable and have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


If you’ve decided to join me for an Engagement shoot, then this will be an awesome practice run for you wedding. A couple session is always a lot of fun . We’ll choose a location based on either your suggestion of a favourite, meaningful spot, or an epic location I will suggest. Compared to a wedding, timing is much more flexible. This means we can meet at the Golden Hour just before sunset, and bask in the soft, sublime golden light! If you’re morning people, then sunrise is just as good too . On the day of the shoot, I highly recommend taking some time before we meet to reconnect with each other, and remember why you’re doing this. One suggestion is to treat yourselves to a mini-date for a bite to eat or a drink at one of your favourite spots… and this way you won’t get hungry during the shoot .
It really depends on you, but I like to do at least two different looks, one casual and when semi formal. The reason for this is it gives us the opportunity to use different lighting and be more creative.
That all depends on you but I do highly recommend it. If you we are doing your pre-wedding shoot, then I recommend having your trial hair and makeup done on the day of the pre-wedding shoot. I know of some amazing wedding professionals if you need a few recommendations.
The idea is to personalize your shoot to a point where it resonates with who you are as a couple. To give you a examples: You ride a motorbike, lets get it in the shoot. You both surf, lets do a beach session with your surfboards. You both gym and have amazing bodies - lets show off those bodies The shoots are planned (sounds formal but it is fun), so you will know what to bring to your session before the shoot date.
That is awesome. If you need help with the planning of you perfect proposal, get in touch. I have help a number of guys with planning their proposal. They are awesome and I love being part of of such a special occasion.